Ganga Arti: As Varanasi People consider river Ganges is their mother (Maa Ganga) and mother does a lot for her child. In revert, we, Varanasi people perform a religious ceremony for our mother to get her blessings. This ceremony is known as Ganga Arti in all over the world. Gange aarti is the magnificent event during evening in the Varanasi that one must not miss to see it. It makes us to experience the great feelings while Gange arti become in process. This beautiful ritual makes every moment of the evening special, authentic and fills with the spiritual thoughts. It is performed by the brass lamps which accompanied with the mantra chant in the presence of the huge crowd.

All the priests who have to perform the aarti, wear same cloth, the dhoti and kurta which is tightly bind with a long towel. First they make preparation of the Ganga arti by making collection of the five elevated planks, a multi tiered oil lamp, an idol of the Goddess Ganga, flowers, incense sticks, a conch shell, a big and heavy brass lamp having a snake hood at the edge of the River Gange. Ritual of the Ganga arti is performed by the students of the Vedas and Upanishads which is lead by the head priest of the Ganga Seva Nidhi. The whole event takes around 45 minutes.

Every evening big amount of people from different region gather together. But we have some special arrangement for our guest/ senior citizens to enjoy the ceremony without any hustle. We provide some special arrangements to have a special view of the ceremony.

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